Felicity Porter is the title character of Felicity. She is portrayed by Keri Russell.


Felicity is a smart, talented and shy girl, who dreams of attending Stanford on her way to becoming a doctor, like her father. A part of her feels shoe-horned into a pre-ordained life by her father's expectations and so, on a whim Felicity follows her high school crush Ben Covington to University of New York. While the impetus, Felicity slowly discovers her sudden impulse isn't really about a boy at all, but about the change to decide for herself what her future and life will be.

Series arc


Felicity arrives at UNY and quickly runs into Ben, who's with a girl. She finds herself overwhelmed by her impulsive choice and actually cries silently in her first class, where she meets a sympathetic Julie. Felicity's parents soon come to New York to try and convince her to resume her original plans, with Felicity trying to stand her ground whilst having doubts herself. Her biggest relief is the friendship of her dorm's resident advisor, sophomore Noel Crane, who also adds to the confusion by confessing his crush on her. Ultimately, Felicity decides to stay in New York and actually makes some kind of connection with Ben, whom she barely knows.

Her overwhelming infatuation with Ben is the subject of most of her conversations with Noel and Julie, which complicates her friendship with the latter when Ben and Julie become interested in each other. To preserve her friendship with Felicity, Julie decides not to date Ben and moves on, while Felicity continues to try and be part of Ben's life, which includes reading his college application and altering his paper which gets him accused of plagiarism.


Noel Crane

Noel gives hint to having a crush on Felicity early on the series, but Felicity is still harboring a crush on Ben. The two discuss thier feelings over a dinner where Noel reveals that he actually has a girlfriend (Hannah). Eventually, though, the two do get together but break up when Noel struggles with returning feelings for Hannah, who he was dating for two years.

Julie Emrick

Felicity meets Julie during orientation her first day at the University of New York. They became instant friends and remained close until Felicity went behind Julies back and started exploring a relationship with Ben.

Elena Tyler

Felicity and Elena meet as they both studied medicine, and were lab partners until Felicity dropped out to study art.

Meghan Rotundi

Felicity is assigned to room with Meghan as they begin their first year at University of New York.

Ben Covington

Felicity followed Ben her high school crush to New York. The two share their first kiss at the end of season one.


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