Felicity as seen in the opening.

Felicity Porter is the title character on WB college dramatic series Felicity. She is portrayed by Keri Russell.

Character Background Edit

Felicity is a smart girl on the way to Stanford to be a doctor when the series opens. However, deciding she wants to break away from her parents, she instead follows high school crush Ben Convington to the ficional school the show is set in - University of New York.

Felicity continues wanting to follow the pre-med track, but also has a passion for art, something she struggles with deciding through the series.

Relationships Edit

Ben Covington Edit

Felicity followed Ben her high school crush to New York. The two share their first kiss at the end of season one.

Noel Crane Edit

Noel gives hint to having a crush on Felicity early on the series, but Felicity is still harboring a crush on Ben. The two discuss thier feelings over a dinner where Noel reveals that he actually has a girlfriend (Hannah). Eventually, though, the two do get together but break up when Noel struggles with returning feelings for Hannah, who he was dating for two years. Dated- 1:11 - 1:16

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

Notes Edit

Did you know when J.J was starting a new show called alias was thinking if Feliciy was a CIA agent.

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