They're not twins.They're not siblings.They're not cousins.They're not neighbors.They're not classmates.They're not friends.They're just... enemies.Felix Dellraye and Felicity Tan almost everyday quarrels in the Hope Grace Park.Other children were displeased with their quarrels."Felix! I say,bought me an ice cream just for 23 coins! Don't be so rude,Felix!" Felicity would yell like that if she saw Felix holding an ice cream."Felicity! Think who I am! Am I your servant? No,right? Then why you ask me to buy just a cheap ice cream that you can afford it yourself? I don't think you're that stupid,Felicity!" Felix replied."I don't have any money! And would you just be a little polite?" Felicity yelled again.Just as Felix was about to pick a pebble and throw it to Felicity's face,a girl wearing a yellow dress with red polkadots came by."Zerelda? Defend me! Fight that stupid Felicity!" Felix said to her."Hey,Felix and Felicity,stop that awful quarrel! This is a park,not a battlefield!" said Zerelda Flire,that just came to the park.Felix then gets so mad.He picked up a pebble and attempts to throw it to Zerelda."HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!" Zerelda cried."Zerelda,what's going on?" asked Raffa Meyda Winters."Felix and Felicity! Quarreling again!" Zerelda shouted."Don't go near them.Just walk along and enjoy the pleasant environment." Raffa,an 8-years-old girl,replied."RAFFA! I MUST STOP THEM! REALLY!" Zerelda yelled."Zerelda,don't join Felix and Felicity to make a mess in this park!" Melly yelled."Just play or pick some flowers! Don't ruin the peacefulness of this park!" Irene added."I agree with what you say,Irene." said Irene's little brother Isaac that was working his PACE on the bench.Then,came Julius (a monkey),Bunny Girl,Aillyvia (just call her Ailly),Tiffany and the Pleasant Sheep (a triplet of three lambs called Rammie,Ewie and CreamyRam)."JULIUS! BUNNY GIRL! AILLY! TIFFANY! RAMMIE! EWIE! CREAMYRAM! HELP ME! FELIX AND FELICITY!!!" yelled Zerelda."Zerelda,don't you realize Felix and Felicity isn't here anymore? When we're on the way here we saw them going away from the park." Tiffany said."ZERELDA!" said Raffa,Melly,Irene and Isaac.Zerelda's face turned bright red.She ran away when the whole park was laughing at her."NEXT TIME,BE MORE CAREFUL,ZERELDA!!!!" they yelled as Zerelda ran home with a really red face.

Cast: Joseph Templeton as Felix Dellraye and Fern Rita Parker as Felicity Tan.The other characters (Zerelda,Raffa,Melly,Irene,Isaac,Julius,Bunny Girl,Rammie,Ewie and CreamyRam) belongs to another series,the DLTK School series (adapted from Rammy and Friends series and Greenwich School: Trouble Everyday TV series).Written by Jo Harry (Ireland).Translated by Nana Slavesdale (English USA),Olivia Bells (English UK),Damiena Rougier (French),Ellen Martinez (Spanish),Alicia Gunawan (Indonesian),Eliza Gavini (Italian),Tasha Damasco (Filipino) and Sandi Renane (African).Made into a video by Sophie Campbell.Published into wikis by Jean Tai Siu (Asia),Daphne Peters (Europe),Annie Turner (America) and Anina Natati (Africa).

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