Julie Emrick is a principal character on WB series Felicity. She is portrayed by Amy Jo Johnson.

Early Life Edit

Julie was born March 10, 1980 at Columbia Presbyterian in New York. Then 18-year-old Carol Anderson gave Julie up for adoption as she did not have the means to look after her newborn. The father was not aware of the birth. Julie went on to have a loving family and a good upbringing.

Friendships Edit

Felicity Porter

Julie and Felicity meet during orientation her first day at the University of New York. They became instant friends and remained close until Felicity went behind Julie's back and started exploring a relationship with Ben.

Relationships Edit

Ben Covington

Ben and Julie show interest in each other almost immediately after being introduced. However, the fling is interrupted when Julie meets Zach and they stop seeing each other. After Julie and Zach break up, Ben makes a big effort in helping Julie feel safe again. During this time, they begin to develop feelings towards each other and end up dating seriously.


Things started off great when Julie met Zach, a filmstudent who also studies at the University of New York. They meet in the laundry room amidst Zach realizing he’s dyed all his clothes pink, as he hasn’t yet learned to separate colors from whites. Soon they’re dining in the cafeteria together, and going to see Solaris at the Mercer. She watches his short film, which he later asks her to record music for. He is close friends with Ben, and seem to get along great with everyone. Sadly, only a few episodes later, he date rapes her coming back to her dorm after a party. After that, everyone cuts him out of their lives, he is kicked out from the university, and returns home to his parents - after apologizing to Julie saying he didn't mean to do it and that it was his first time.

Quotes Edit

After this summer, after everything I’ve gone through, I realized who I trust and give my heart to is my choice. And last year, I just chose badly
—Julie to Ben