Noel Crane is a principal character on WB series Felicity. He is portrayed by Scott Foley.

Character Edit

As a sophomore, Noel is the resident advisor on Felicity's floor. The show often showed him getting advice from other RA's. He is studying graphic design.

Relationships Edit

Felicity Porter

One of Felicity's two main love intrests, the other being Ben Convington. He has develops a crush on her early in season 1.

Hannah Bibb

Noel's girlfriend of two years. He began dating her before Felicity arrived at University of New York, and struggled with more feelings for her still at the end of the first season.

Ruby Gordon


Julie Emrick

Trivia Edit

  • Scott Foley and Jennifer Garner (Hannah Bibb) married in real life
  • Noel prefers Macs to PCs