Season 1 of Felicity premiered on The WB on September 29, 1998 and ended on May 25, 1999, after 22 episodes.


A high-school graduate makes a momentous decision that puts her life on a much different track than either she or her parents envisioned. Altering her life plans to attend college in New York, California native Felicity Porter follows her heart to a life that is unpredictable.


Keri Russell as Felicity Porter
Scott Foley as Noel Crane
Scott Speedman as Ben Covington
Amy Jo Johnson as Julie Emrick
Tangi Miller as Elena Tyler (18 episodes)

Recurring cast

Amanda Foreman as Meghan Rotundi (17 episodes)
Felicity's abrasive and mysterious goth roommate
Greg Grunberg as Sean Blumberg (16 episodes)
An inventor and Ben's landlord
Rob Benedict as Richard Coad (9 episodes)
Kelvin Hall resident who challenges Noel's authority
Ian Gomez as Javier Quintata (7 episodes)
The manager at Dean and Deluca

Guest starring

Shan Omar Huey as Blair (7 episodes)
Dash Mihok as Lynn McKennan (7 episodes)
Chris Sarandon as Dr. Peter McGrath (6 episodes)
Eddie McClintock as Ryan Crane ("Love And Marriage")
Brian Klugman as Guy (6 episodes)
Devon Gummersall as Zack (5 episodes)
Jane Kaczmarek as Carole Anderson (4 episodes)
Simon Rex as Eli (3 episodes)
Curtis Armstrong as Danny (3 episodes)
Darnell Williams as John Papaleno (3 episodes)
Jennifer Garner as Hannah Bibb (2 episodes)
Erich Anderson as Edward Porter (2 episodes)
Eve Gordon as Barbara Hunter (2 episodes)
Stephen Berra as Todd Mulcahy (2 episodes)
Ali Hillis as Chloe (2 episodes)
Alexandra Wentworth as Abby (2 episodes)
Amy Hathaway as Nicole (2 episodes)
Ivana Milicevic as Sensa (2 episodes)
Boris Krutonov as Yuri (2 episodes)
Marissa Ribisi as Astrid (2 episodes)
Jan Schweiterman as Lewis (2 episodes)
Drew Pillsbury as Swim Coach (2 episodes)
William Monaghan as Professor Rogalsky (2 episodes)
Robert Clendenin as Mailroom Clerk ("The Last Stand")
Harold Gould as Dr. William Garibay ("Hot Objects")
David Proval as Mr. Kinney ("Hot Objects")
Jillian Bach as Alice ("Hot Objects")
John Billingsley as Delivery Guy ("Boggled")
Sam Shamshak as Detective Graziano ("Spooked")
Sebastian Tillinger as Andrew ("Spooked")
Christien Anholt as Paul ("Spooked")
Ron Canada as Dean Allison ("Cheating")
Lorna Raver as Professor Linda Cohen ("Cheating")
Helen Siff as Food Service Employee ("Cheating")
Eddie Kaye Thomas as P.J. ("Cheating")
Evan Jones as R.A. #1 ("Drawing The Line")
Jade Herrera as R.A. #3 ("Drawing The Line")
Riley Weston as Story Zimmer ("Drawing The Line II")
Jacqueline Hahn as Kerry Lerner ("Drawing The Line II")
John Cothran Jr. as Mr. Tyler ("Thanksgiving")
Jan Schweiterman as Lewis ("Thanksgiving")
Eric Saiet as Waisler ("Finally")
Steve Monroe as Steve ("Finally")
Maulik Pancholy as T.A. ("Finally")
Lela Lee as Pauline ("Finally")
David Bowe as Lloyd ("Gimme An O!")
Roz Witt as Salesperson ("Gimme An O!")
Rio Dkin McGee as Matthew ("Gimme An O!")
Elya Baskin as Bela ("Friends")
Donal Logue as Eddie ("Friends")
Tammy Townsend as Tara Owens ("Friends")
Amy Wilson as Sabrina Briscoe ("Todd Mulcahy Part I")
Maggie Lawson as Rebecca ("Todd Mulcahy Part II")
Anne DeSalvo as Lawyer ("Love And Marriage")
Nathan Anderson as Alex ("Love And Marriage")
Sharon Maughan as Professor Beisner ("Assassins")
Nancy Lenehan as Faye Rotundi ("Happy Birthday")
Paul Vincent O'Connor as Walter Rotundi ("Happy Birthday")
Don Perry as Hypnotist ("Docuventary")
Gregg Daniel as Financial Aid Officer ("Docuventary")
Jarrod Crawford as Daryl ("Docuventary")
Chad Gabriel as Barry ("Connections")
Steven Hofvendahl as Loan Officer ("Connections")
Max Baker as Aaron ("The Force")
Peter Dennis as Star Wars Fan ("The Force")
Rick Zieff as "Obi-Wan Kenobi" ("The Force")


Spencer Beglarian as Samuel ("Love And Marriage")
Norma Maldonado as Principal ("Pilot")
Jean St. James as Ben's mother ("Pilot")
John Cho as Larry ("The Last Stand")
Constance Zimmer as Girl ("The Last Stand")
Anna Garduno as Waiter ("Love And Marriage")


  • Scott Foley was actually hired to play Ben, but when they couldn't find anyone to play Noel, J.J. Abrams asked Foley if he would do it[1]


ep # photo episode airdate
1 Felicity logo pilot 29 SEPTEMBER 1998
A high-school graduate makes a momentous decision that puts her life on a much different track than either she or her parents envisioned.
2 102parents the last stand 6 OCTOBER 1998
Felicity finds out her parents are checking up on her and that Ben is checking out her friend Julie.
3 103 hot objects 13 OCTOBER 1998
Felicity is finally feeling less overwhelmed and settling into the rhythm of school, but Ben is never too far from her mind, and not all the lessons she learns are from class. A first college dorm party sets the stage for much enlightenment, and perhaps a bit of embarrassment as well.
4 Felicity logo boggled 20 OCTOBER 1998
A game of Boggle gets complicated, Ben faces defeat, and a refrigerator comes to represent much more than an appliance.
5 105 spooked 27 OCTOBER 1998
A crime story and a Halloween party bring Felicity and Ben together and push them apart. Julie works it out with the pink guy.
6 Felicity logo cheating 3 NOVEMBER 1998
Felicity tries to help Ben and almost gets him expelled. He has had just about enough of Felicity. Elena is having trouble dealing with the tin man and Julie is hanging with the pink guy.
7 Felicity logo drawing the line 10 NOVEMBER 1998
Noel redefines his relationship with Felicity as she tries to save her relationship with Ben. Will Ben ever come around? Elena learns something about herself in spite of herself, and Julie and Zack hit a turning point.
8 Felicity logo drawing the line II 17 NOVEMBER 1998
Julie struggles with a tough decision, and Zack is forced to see the truth. Felicity, Noel, and Ben help a friend with difficult times. Felicity houses a high school student who drives everyone except Meghan crazy. Meghan finds a soul mate. Noel abandons his facial style change.
9 109 thanksgiving 24 NOVEMBER 1998
Julie isn't ready to tell her parents about Zack, so Felicity bails on going home for Thanksgiving and keeps Julie company over the long weekend. Ben and Sean bond over black jeans and dress shirts. Elena lets her father know how she feels about him. Javier lets the bird out of the bag. Noel's girlfriend visits for the holiday and Felicity isn't sure how she feels about that.
10 110 finally 15 DECEMBER 1998
It's hell week at school. Everyone's got scholastic challenges. Ben and Julie study romantic poetry. Felicity and Noel study each other. Sean learns something about business. Christmas break is just the other side of finals.
11 Felicity logo gimme an o! 19 JANUARY 1999
Dried-up Christmas trees may be fire hazards, but nothing burns hotter than Felicity and Noel. Ben and Julie are spending lots more time together. Blair gives Elena the gift that stretches.
12 Felicity logo friends 26 JANUARY 1999
Blair's got some explaining to do to Elena. Noel: Sensa's boyfriend? Ben helps Julie find her real mother. And Felicity's in the middle of it all.
13 113 todd mulcahy part I 9 FEBRUARY 1999
Felicity's got a new admirer, and he's no secret. Elena knows about Blair and Tara. Julie talks to her birth mom. Javier's on a diet. And who the heck is this Todd Mulcahy guy, anyway?
14 Felicity logo todd mulcahy part II 16 FEBRUARY 1999
Ben's slinging mochas. Julie's birth mom gets the tape. Noel's losing his girlfriend. And Todd Mulcahy has left such an impression on Felicity that she suffers an art attack.
15 Felicity logo love and marriage 23 FEBRUARY 1999
Noel's brother comes to New York with his fiancé, who Noel doesn't know is a guy. Ben makes the swim team. And Javier proposes marriage -- to Felicity!
16 Felicity logo the fugue 2 MARCH 1999
There's a new manager at Dean & Deluca. Ben's gained some swimming friends, but as far as Julie's concerned, he's barely treading water. And Hanna's back, playing Noel for a fugue, leaving Felicity no choice but to duet.
17 Felicity logo assassins 20 APRIL 1999
Sean's got a crush, and Julie's helping him strategize. Ben's hanging with Lynn more than with Julie. Richard gives Noel advice on women and love. And Felicity and Noel go gunning for each other.
18 Felicity logo happy birthday 27 APRIL 1999
Carole Andersen is back in Julie's life. Meghan's parents come to visit. Noel's moving out. Ben's got a bookie. And Felicity has no idea what's inside Meghan's box.
19 Felicity logo docuventary 4 MAY 1999
Ben gets the gambling bug. Noel gets hypnotized. Felicity and McGrath clash again. Julie talks about relationships. Fists fly between Lynn and Ben. And Sean's capturing it all in his "docuventary".
20 Felicity logo connections 11 MAY 1999
Ben's in over his head, and not just in the pool. Felicity and Noel are "just friends" -- well, sort of. Elena and Dr. McGrath share some moments. Felicity's up for a promotion at Dean & DeLuca. And Noel gets a summer internship in Berlin.
21 121almost the force 18 MAY 1999
Meghan actually does turn out to be a witch. Felicity's falling all over herself. Ben better watch out for Nicole. Elena's a teacher's pet. Guy's a "Star Wars" freak. Felicity and Ben may be experiencing the Force.
22 122felicity felicity was here 25 MAY 1999
Julie and Ben are talking about breaking up, while Felicity and Ben definitely "share a moment." Things are steaming up for Elena and Dr. McGrath. Noel invites Felicity to come to Berlin with him. And everyone's packing for Summer Break.

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